Assembly instructions for summer houses and play houses

Most of our log cabins and wooden garden buildings are DIY cabins. In most cases, assembly takes 1-3 days to build your log cabin or new summerhouse depending on your skills and size of model. For the assembly you need 2 adults, tools and the supplied assembly instructions that come with each cabin.

Before making your purchase and starting the assembly, make sure you are allowed to build your garden building by contacting your local planning office if necessary . Also, it is absolutley crucial that your cabin or summerhouse is assembled on a firm and level base. We recommend a concrete slab over any other type base.

For most of our log cabins and summer houses we have general assembly instructions, detailing all key moments of the assembly. Together with your log cabin you will receive a detailed product manual specific to your cabin. If you should have any questions regarding your product or its installation, please fell free to contact us. All fixings are included for the assembly of your cabin.

Download PDFs

Assembly instructions Grillkota Finnish BBQ hut.pdf
Assembly instructions Katrin.pdf
Assembly instructions for Albatross Summerhouses.pdf
Assembly intsructions for Paradise Summerhouses.pdf
Assembly intsructions for Seattle Summerhouses.pdf
Assembly instructions Festival.pdf
Assembly instructions for Gazebos.pdf
Assembly instructions General for Log Cabins.pdf

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